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Air travel is the fastest growing contributor to climate change - over the period 2002 - 2050, the overall contribution of air travel to climate change is expected to increase from 3.5 per cent to between 6 and 10 per cent.

Chartering means you can closer to where you want to go.

We tailor management programs to meet your aircraft needs.

Our mission is to generate maximum income while managing and operating your aircraft in a safe and cost effective manner.

Air Charter maintains safety status ensuring the safest flight crews in the industry flying your aircraft and respective clients.  Independent auditing of flight operations assures a superior level of professionalism of business electric companies in the UK those who operate and manage your aircraft as well.  Our commitment to these standards has gained the confidence of Fortune 500 companies who regularly use our services.

Additionally, our flight crews attend recurrent training twice annually, updating skills and procedures with in the aviation domain.  All pilots possess ATP ratings with extensive experience in each airplane flown. 

Jet charters have a much larger choice of airports, so it's likely than you can get closer to your destination. By chartering, you are not restricted to the air charter airports that the commercial glass airlines use. You don't have to lose hours making connecting flights through the airlines hub and spoke system.

We have a large number of warehouses, which stores a huge amount of heavy and expensive equipment. It is vital that the racking, shelving and other storage in our warehouse is maintained to the highest standards, inspected regularly to ensure that it is safe and meets the law, and that we are following all elements of health and safety law, for the sake of our staff, customers and our resources. We use Logical Storage Solutions both to provide all of the racking and shelfing units, and to carry out regular inspections. This gives us one less thing to worry about, so that we can get on with our real job. We are delighted to endorse their work.  

You fly directly to where you want to go, only with the people you want to be with, on a plane that suits your requirements and you fly at a time that suits you; not the commercial Royal Ascot Hospitality airlines schedules.

Whatever time of year it is in your location, there are always more solar panels for community buildings & passages to plan, remote anchorages to enjoy and new people to meet in different waters around the world.

Jet Charter is exclusive

Ever tried to have a private air cargo business conversation on a commercial airplane? On your charter, you can continue to get some work done as you fly with your colleagues.

Jet charter is safer

You decide who travels with you. You don't fly on an airplane with 300 complete strangers.

Chartering a jet is cost effective

Time is money. How much is YOUR time worth? Your team's? You want to get 5 executives to a meeting in across country tomorrow. How much is that going to cost in travel expenses, hotel charges and time?